Sat 21st July – Tue 31st July: Meljoann Irish Mini Tour

Electronic producer-vocalist Meljoann is embarking on a mini Irish tour with full live stage shows in July 2012.With nerdy lyrics that can rhyme academic words like ‘paraphyletically’ as naturally and easily as ‘baby’, Meljoann makes R&B-tinged electronic dance music that retains its experimental edge.There has been a growing hype around the forward-thinking wonky R&B showcased by her releases ‘Tour Guide’ and ‘Squick’ on her own label ‘Boy Scout Audio’. Since relocating to Brighton at the beginning of 2012 her success and talent has grown.

Now managed by Poster Fish Promotions, Meljoann will be accompanied by Ed Devane, Dan Jacobson and Tony Higgins for a series of live stage shows. It’s also rumoured that her alter-ego Scout Hardcastle, originally invented to release her more dancefloor-centric bass-heavy tunes, may have a few gigs up his sleeve during this tour.

Tour dates include;

Saturday 21st July in Dublin’s King 7
Meljoann, Ed Devane, LionFX and Ilex

Thursday 26th July in Galway’s Paddy’s Bar as part of The Galway Arts Festival
Meljoann, Ed Devane and Deletia

Friday 27th July at Knockanstockan festival
Meljoann live show

For more info check out Mel’s own website or contact


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