Mon 31 Dec: Poster Fish Promotions presents Prince Kong and Lady Grew plus support this New Year’s Eve @ Seomra Spraoi

NYE Prince Kong, Lady Grew, SixfootApprentice and Antrophe

NYE Prince Kong, Lady Grew, SixfootApprentice and Antrophe

Poster Fish Promotions presents Prince Kong and Lady Grew plus support this New Year’s Eve from 10pm @ Seomra Spraoi

Prince Kong (Alphabet Set/!Kaboogie/Ghetto Quietly)

Lady Grew (Ghetto Quietly/Mistress of the Mic)

Sixfoot Apprentice (!Kaboogie)



Admission €10/€12

10pm – late

Prince Kong
Prince Kong is a London bassed Paddy exile specialising in precision cut rhythm edits and agressive/contorted sounds.
He is a man on a mission to blow up the dance and inspire multiple forms of ASBO inducing behaviour and other social niceties! Kong is a prolific producer whose incendiary live shows have earned him a reputation on the underground ravin ragga scene. The man is notorious for mixin up the breakcore buzz with a more ragga-grime twang . Having worked with stalwart crew Warrior Queen, Jah Balance, Lady Grew and MC Rodrigo,Tommy Trouble and Eccleton Jarrett he’s no stranjah to the art of layin down a riddim for the talented mic-bearer. With releases on a multitude of labels such as !Kaboogie, Acroplane, Alphabet Set,Ghetto Quietly and Middle Management and an encyclopedic knowledge of the frequency spectrum, Prince Kong is both a formidable ally and enemy!
Bass and snares at it’s rawest!!


Lady Grew is a Cork based singer/rapper originally from Ohio. She has collaborated with raggacore producer Prince Kong, on the tracks “Sub Dentata” on Well Sick (!Kaboogie), and “Whatcha” and “Marchfloor” and on the Proper Horror Show release on Ghetto Quietly. Most recently, Kong produced her EP Bass Bully (Ghetto Quietly). She has also worked with Cork-based dubstep producer T-Lab and Berlin-trip-hop producer N-Noiz, and the Hungarian DJ Selekta Jahmaica (with whom she writes reggae vocals). Her shows include acrobatics, pole dancing and step-squad style cheerleading.

Sixfoot Apprentice
Sixfoot Apprentice has been shaking dancefloors around Ireland and beyond for a couple of years now with his wildly eclectic mix of styles. Bringing you hardcore bass driven jungletasic beats, he’s been rockin it with the !Kaboogie crew putting on quality gigs for the past 6 years! Known for furious sets incorporating all kinds of once-thought unmashable beats,Sixfoot has routinely been found making cosy family RnB hits sound like theyve suddenly been given a chainsaw,hockey mask and a bpm overdose!

Antrophe’s been causing bass trouble for the past few years both entertaining and enraging in equal measures. Sometimes known for sticking shizzle up on his e-zine, and sometimes known for invoking the wrath of the complain neighbour, he’s always guaranteed to bring a fruit and veg box of tune goodness. Expect some serious cartoon ragga swagger, bassline nonsense, a nostalgia for breakcore, and some global funky ghetto jackin’ whatevers.


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