Poster Fish BYOB Birthday Bashment

PFP Feb 2014Poster Fish Promotions presents Birthday Bashment with . . .

Ras Tinny

‘All Tribes vs Dubble Up’ – (Bob Damai, DJ Double V and Mr Upful)

Jah Seal (Irieland Soundsystem)

Mick Herrity (Saoirse Sounds)

Tuathal (Firehouse Skank / Roots Corner)

Paul V (Punky Reggae Party)

Seomra Spraoi, 10 Belvedere Court, Dublin 1

Admission €10


Friday 7th Feb

9pm til late

To celebrate Freda’s birthday, who happens to share a birthday with Dr. Androgynous Tropical Poster Fish, we bring you a selection of the best of Dublin’s Dub Reggae Djs and MCs in the wonderful setting of Dublin’s longest running autonomous social centre Seomra Spraoi. The event is BYOB as usual of course so c’mon along and bring your mates for a bleedin deadly buzz


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